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10 Best Workouts For Bikini Legs


If you’re working to lose that extra fat around your thighs that barely seems possible to get rid of especially for some of the body parts like our inner thighs. If you are the one among those unlucky guys then you probably need best set of exercises in order to get that bikini leg. Because today in this post we are going to share 10 most effective workouts for perfect thighs. Yes, it is possible to actually be happy with the way your legs look! So try this 4 weeks challenge and you’ll love to be in your swimsuit!



  • Starting position – standing with your toes faced diagonally outwards and hands raised on sides to the height of shoulders
  • Engaging your thighs when you squat down imagine that your knees need to be open wide as you sit down.
  • Keep your chest open and up and stay tall.



  • Starting position – standing with feet together and hands at the hips, targeting your outer thighs and your oblique
  • If you need a chair to hold on to, go ahead and grab one.
  • As it also tests your balance flex your foot and keep your leg straight as you swing.



  • Starting position – standing with your feet more than shoulder-width apart and hands together in front of your chest
  • Bending your left knee go in a deep lunge on left side
  • Repeat on the right side
  • This is so perfect for inner thighs. You can hold a 30 lb barbell to intensify the movement!
  • Keep your straight leg straight as you get up to starting position.



  • Starting position – Lay on your side, with your body is in a straight line,
  • Lift your top leg up and down, pointing your toes
  • Repeat on another side.


Targets your inner thighs!


  • Starting position – Lay on your side, with your left knee bent and in front of you, hold the ankle with your left hand, and head with your right hand
  • The heel of your right leg must be up and your toes facing down.
  • Simply lift up and down right leg


  • Stand up straight while holding a dumbbell on each hand (palms facing the side of your legs).
  • Place the right foot on the elevated platform. Step on the platform by extending the hip and the knee of your right leg. Use the heel mainly to lift the rest of your body up and place the foot of the left leg on the platform as well. Breathe out as you execute the force required to come up.
  • Step down with the left leg by flexing the hip and knee of the right leg as you inhale. Return to the original standing position by placing the right foot off to next to the left foot on the initial position.
  • Repeat with the right leg for the recommended amount of repetitions and then perform with the left leg.

Note: This is a great exercise for people with lower back problems that are unable to do stiff legged deadlifts.

Variations: Just like lunges, this exercise can also be performed by alternating between the right and the left leg every time until all repetitions have been performed for both legs. Also, a barbell can be used for resistance. Beginners can start with only the bodyweight, especially if they have balance issues.


  • Hold a bar at hip level with a pronated (palms facing down) grip. Your shoulders should be back, your back arched, and your knees slightly bent. This will be your starting position.
  • Lower the bar by moving your butt back as far as you can. Keep the bar close to your body, your head looking forward, and your shoulders back. Done correctly, you should reach the maximum range of your hamstring flexibility just below the knee. Any further movement will be compensation and should be avoided for this movement.
  • At the bottom of your range of motion, return the starting position by driving the hips forward to stand up tall.


  • Stand with your head facing forward and your chest held up and out.
  • Place your feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider.
  • Sit back and down like you’re sitting into an imaginary chair.



  • Holding a pair of dumbbells, stand with your feet and knees together.
  • Take a large step with your right foot to the right side and lunge toward the floor.
  • Make sure your right knee does not extend past your toes and keep your left leg relatively straight.


  • Get on all fours on the mat (hands under shoulders, knees under hips).
  • Keeping right knee bent 90 degrees, flex right foot and lift knee to hip level.
  • A lower knee without touching the floor; lift again. Do 15 reps.
  • Switch legs; repeat.

source: http://alljustyou.com

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