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10 Vegan Body Transformations That Are So Amazing, They’ll Blow Your Mind


if you compare photos, it doesn’t even look like the same person!

2. Osha Key

After switching to raw foods, Osha Key lost a whopping 40 pounds. After learning about how animal products affect our health (plus the horrible practices of our meat and dairy industries), Osha could no longer justify eating these foods. She started drinking green vegetable juice and green smoothies every morning, ditched processed junk food, and reduced her refined sugar and oil consumption. Her transformation is truly remarkable!

3. Lissa

Lissa, founder of Raw Food Romance, went on a raw food diet and lost around 70 pounds. Her before and after photos are pure proof that you can get rid of cellulite on a plant-based diet. The low levels of inflammation as a result of consuming a plant-based diet also ensure the skin stays tight and less “poofy” as can be seen in Lissa’s before and after photos.

4. Keyrah Lee

This vegan body transformation is truly remarkable. After many years of unhealthy eating, Keyrah found herself at 288 pounds. After many failed attempts at multiple weight loss tricks, programs, and diets, she was still stuck. However, on March 1, 2015, Keyrah decided to become vegan, and her life was forever changed. She started with a plant-based instructional detox, which was a vegan meal and exercise plan. She lost 100 pounds in 10 months and has inspired thousands on social media.

5. Miranda Martinez

Miranda Martinez started experimenting with raw, living foods, superfoods, and live supplements, when she first started her Master Cleanse in July 2007. She lost over 60 pounds and experienced a multitude of health benefits such as increased energy, reduced hereditary LDL cholesterol, and spider veins. She also no longer has cysts (caused by a low-carb diet), knee pain, constipation issues, or food addictions.

6. Nina

Nina tried going vegan a few times but always went back to her meat-eating ways, because she didn’t know how to build muscle without consuming animals. Eventually, Nina took the vegan plunge for good and decided to take-up bodybuilding while doing it. Not only does she look amazing, but she also won an $80,000 grand prize for her vegan body transformation. For information on how Nina achieved this amazing transformation, check out what she did here. Good work Nina!

7. Megan Elizabeth

YouTube sensation and author of four raw food books since 2010, Megan Elizabeth, made a dramatic transformation on a raw food diet. Since switching, she has recovered from severe adrenal fatigue, leaky gut syndrome, candida overgrowth and chemical sensitivity. She before and after photos are proof that a raw vegan diet can seriously transform someone not only on the outside but the inside too.

8. Ashley Chong

Ashely Chong of Raw and Radiant has a truly inspirational story. Instead of following doctors’ orders who were telling her to restrict calories, eat meat, and to take a popular weight-loss drug called phentermine, she did the exact opposite. She went on a 100% raw vegan diet overnight and never looked back. She lost over 125 pounds in a little less than a year, and then her husband followed suit about five months after (he lost over 85 pounds!). Ashley and her partner Andrew’s weight-loss story was also featured on the front cover of People Magazine for “Half Their Size” issue where her raw food journey was featured nationwide.

While this isn’t so much a vegan body transformation, switching to a plant-based diet has been confirmed by numerous individuals to help with acne – and Essence is one of those girls. Essena suffered from a wide range of ailments, including depression, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, recurring Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), and chronic acne. Switching to a plant-based diet helped her skin, and also had a positive impact on her other conditions. Essence used to be a huge online star, but in 2016, she quit all social media as it became too overwhelming for her.

10. Rich Roll

A former mega carnivore, Rich Roll was pushing sedentary at 198 pounds when he turned 40. He was sick and tired of being out of shape, so in January 2007, he decided to do a 5-day cleanse. He bought a juicer and basically fed himself on organic fruit and vegetable juices as well as herbal broths. He eventually switched to vegan after being vegetarian and noticed a huge energy shirt. He felt lighter, and his energy levels escalated. Six months into the vegan diet, Rich dropped 30 pounds. He now loves doing triathlons and is as active as he’s ever been.








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