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120 Dirty Truth OR Dare Questions for Naughty Fun


Of the most daring and adventurous games of our youth was that of truth or dare. Anything could happen. You could expose a secret you thought you would bring to your grave, be made to streak around the neighborhood, or even dared to spend 10 minutes making out in a dark closet with that girl or guy you had always liked… or didn’t like. Regardless, truth or dare is a game of pure adventure where only one’s imagination is the limit.

However, this game can go well beyond the scope of child’s play. Dirty truth or dare can bring intense kinky excitement and fun to any relationship. Not only is dirty truth or dare a fantastic way to spice up any couple’s sex life, you’ll find yourselves learning more about each other on a very deep and intimate level as you explore each other’s craziest desires and fantasies.

Simple Guidelines to Dirty Truth or Dare

There should be some personal guidelines going into any game of dirty truth or dare to ensure that it stays fun and sexy. Firstly, don’t ask questions in which you know the truth will either upset you or your partner and potentially cause problems. The purpose of this game is to bring you closer together, not find reasons to tear you apart. Second, start slow and get gutsier as the game proceeds.

That is really it, so now for our 120 dirty truth or dare questions for a kinky and fun night!

Dirty Truths

  1. “What kind of porn gets you all hot and bothered?”
  2. “If you could swap genders, what would be the first thing you do?”
  3. “What about the opposite sex gets you most hot and bothered?”
  4. “What about the same-sex gets you most hot and bothered?”
  5. “If you could have anyone be your sex slave, who would it be and what would you make them do?”
  6. “Have you ever worn women’s panties?”
  7. “If you could have a threesome with two people, who would you choose?”
  8. “Would you have a threesome with 2 guys and 1 girl?”
  9. “Would you have a threesome with 1 guy and 2 girls?”
  10. “What kind of porn do you most hate?”
  11. “When is the last time you watched porn?”
  12. “When was the last time that you masturbated?”
  13. “Have you ever been involved in a same-sex experience?”
  14. “Have you ever gone a full day without wearing any underwear?”
  15. “Have you ever regretted having sex with someone right after?”
  16. “Have you wanted to have sex with someone that you would never in your life consider dating?”
  17. “Have you ever skinny dipped?”
  18. “Have you ever kissed more than one person from the same family?”
  19. “What is the kinkiest and dirtiest dream you have ever had?”
  20. “If you could add 3 inches to your penis or 3 inches to your height, which would you choose?”
  21. “Would you rather see me in boy shorts or a short skirt?”
  22. “Have you ever thought of anyone else during sex other than me?”
  23. “Have you ever been completely dominated?”
  24. “Have you ever completely dominated someone?”
  25. “Do you own any sex toys?”
  26. “What is your favorite sex toy”?
  27. “Have you ever done the dirty in public? If not, would you want to?”
  28. “Do you have any embarrassing sex stories?”
  29. “How old were you the first time you masturbated?”
  30. “Would you ever consider doing porn?”
  31. “Have you ever tried anal?”
  32. “Have you ever paid for sex?”
  33. “Do you ever wish you had a bigger penis? If so, length, girth, or both?”
  34. “Do you ever wish your boobs were bigger?”
  35. “Have you ever done any role playing? If so, what is your most embarrassing role?”
  36. “What is the most times you have had sex in one day?”
  37. “What are the most orgasms you have had in one day?”
  38. “What is the longest you have gone without sex or masturbating?”
  39. “If you could make a living as a male prostitute, would you?”
  40. “Where is the most insane place you have had sex?”
  41. “Do you swallow or spit?”
  42. “Have you ever snowballed?”
  43. “If you had to have sex with an animal, what animal would you choose?
  44. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how good am I at going down on you?”
  45. “Have you ever had a sex dream about me?”
  46. “Have we ever had horrible sex?”
  47. “Do you like drunken sex?”
  48. “Have you ever faked an orgasm?”
  49. “Have you ever faked an orgasm with me?”
  50. “What position have you always wanted to try?”
  51. “Would you ever eat out my ass?”
  52. “What is something that makes you cum every time?”
  53. “Who is the oldest person you have had sex with? How old were you?”
  54. “What is the stupidest thing you have ever done on a dare?”
  55. “What would you do for a Snickers?”
  56. “What is the fastest you have ever cum?”
  57. “Have I ever done something that you really didn’t like during sex?”
  58. “If we had to have sex for an hour straight, what position would it be in?”
  59. “If I was a cupcake, how would you eat me?”
  60. “Do you like going down on someone?”

Dirty Dares

  1. “I dare you to swap clothes with me.”
  2. “I dare you to take a dirty photo with me.”
  3. “I dare you to sensually lick my feet for 2 minutes.”
  4. “I dare you to spank me.”
  5. “I dare you to give me a dirty lap dance.”
  6. “I dare you to make out with me while eating candy.”
  7. “I dare you to demonstrate your favorite position.”
  8. “I dare you to rub my nipples until they are hard.”
  9. “I dare you to play with yourself in front of me for 5 minutes.”
  10. “I dare you to give me a message for 5 minutes.”
  11. “I dare you to make out with me for 5 minutes.”
  12. “I dare you to make out with me for 5 minutes without touching my body.”
  13. “I dare you to eat whipped cream off me.”
  14. “I dare you to let me tie you up.”
  15. “I dare you to try to do the naked splits.”
  16. “I dare you to bend over and let me spank you.”
  17. “I dare you to make me hard using nothing but your boobs.”
  18. “I dare you to give a banana, or similarly shaped object, a blowjob for 2 minutes.”
  19. “I dare you to lick or suck on my nipples for 2 minutes.”
  20. “I dare you to try to turn me on without touching me.”
  21. “I dare you to lick my tongue.”
  22. “I dare you to recreate the strangest thing that has ever happened to you during sex.”
  23. “I dare you to replay your more embarrassing roleplaying role.”
  24. “I dare you to eat out my ass.”
  25. “I dare you to finger my ass.”
  26. “I dare you to masturbate for 5 minutes.”
  27. “I dare you to send a nude to your ex.”
  28. “I dare you to go down on me for 5 minutes.”
  29. “I dare you to try anal with me.”
  30. “I dare you to not masturbate for an entire month.
  31. “I dare you to undress me with everything but your hands.”
  32. “I dare you to strip for me.”
  33. “I dare you to do me in your favorite position.”
  34. “I dare you to try snowballing with me.”
  35. “I dare you to make me cum using only your lips.”
  36. “I dare you to pull up your favorite porn site.”
  37. “I dare you to grind on my lap for 2 minutes and make your best sex noises.”
  38. “I dare you to pretend you are on the phone with me having phone sex.”
  39. “I dare you to use a butt plug.”
  40. “I dare you to use a butt plug for an entire day.”
  41. “I dare you to try every sex position from The Little Black Book of Sex Positions.”
  42. “I dare you to be naked the rest of our game.”
  43. “I dare you to make a porno with me.”
  44. “I dare you to ride me for 5 minutes.”
  45. “I dare you to do me doggy-style for 5 minutes.”
  46. “I dare you to suck on my balls.”
  47. “I dare you to let me tie you up and do whatever I want to you for 10 minutes.”
  48. “I dare you to try and give yourself a blowjob.”
  49. “I dare you to invite one of your friends over for a threesome.”
  50. “I dare you to do me in the shower.”
  51. “I dare you to give me head while I eat a sandwich.”
  52. “I dare you to kiss someone of the same sex.”
  53. “I dare you to have sex with me in a public place.”
  54. “I dare you to have a raceme with to see who can come the quickest.
  55. “I dare you to slosh cum around in your mouth before swallowing.”
  56. “I dare you to take your bra off in a public place.”
  57. “I dare you to use a vibrator while at dinner or some other quite and public place.”
  58. “I dare you to try and have sex with me while I sleep without waking me.”
  59. “I dare you to eat me out while I sit on your face.”
  60. “I dare you to eat popcorn out of my lap without using your hands.”

There you have it! 120 dirty truth or dare questions for kinky and dirty fun!






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