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13 Acupressure Points That Can Boost Metabolism And Increase Weight Loss


The science of Acupressure is over 2000 years old. Being an alternative form of therapy, it shares the same principles as acupuncture which is based on the concept that the life energy of a body flows through meridians or pressure points which are often blocked. Blockages lead to bad health in corresponding areas of the body and clearing the blockages through applied pressure resumes good health again.

#Acupressure has been around for centuries

While alternative Chinese medicinal therapy uses extensively the therapies of acupressure and acupuncture, there are also various studies which suggest that acupressure may be beneficial in conditions like nausea, low back pain, tension, stress, headaches, stomach ache and others. It is also known to promote weight loss by increasing metabolism. When performing acupressure, for weight loss, you need to be in a calm atmosphere and relax. Here are 13 pressure points for weight loss which restores the flow of energy to organs responsible for weight loss. Before starting to perform these breathing exercises.

Acupressure has been around for centuries

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1. Top of the trapezius muscle

The trapezius point is located in the area where the neck meets the shoulder just in line with your nipple. Apply pressure in a circular or tapping motion for one minute and repeat on the opposite part of the body. This should be done daily.

Top of the trapezius muscle

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2. Bridge of the nose

Locate the exact acupressure point which is a spot between your eyes and Nose Bridge. Now starting from your eye stroke the area towards the bridge of your nose. Keep doing this preferably for 2-3 minutes each day.

Bridge of the nose

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3. A dip between eyebrows

When you are tired, you may have already done this several times for relief. In the same manner, apply pressure to the exact same point which is a dip between your eyes which is slightly above your nose bridge. Keep applying pressure gently for a minute.

A dip between eyebrows

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4. Breastbone

This pressure point is just above your celiac plexus are also known as the solar plexus. It is located in the breastbone and can help you with weight loss while restoring the balance of energy. Apply pressure for a minute in this area daily.


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5. Ear or Tragus

Find the area between your temple and your ear.  This area helps in controlling your appetite. Move your thumb up and down against the jaw of your ear to locate the area with maximum movement. When you find it keep your finger pressed for a minute.

Ear or Tragus

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6. Abdomen Pressure point

There are many pressure points in the abdomen that trigger healthy energy flow. The particular point you should be concerned with is exactly 3 cm down the belly button which is the first red dot below the navel. This improves your digestive system and reduces constipation making it an effective point for weight loss. Massage for one minute daily.

Abdomen Pressure point

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7. Abdominal sorrow point

These are two spots located just beneath the last rib. It provides relief from ulcer pain, indigestion and pain in the ribs. It also controls and balances appetite to prevent cravings. Massage it upward for 5 minutes daily.

Abdominal sorrow point

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8. Elbow pressure point

Just on the inside of your elbow crease is the acupressure point corresponding to the large intestine which removes excess body heat and excess moisture present in your body. Apply pressure for one minute.

Elbow pressure point

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9. Knee pressure point

This acupressure point is good for stomach function and digestion. It is located on the outer side of the knee just 2 inches below the kneecap. Apply the pressure for a minute after which keep your finger pressed on the spot and move your foot up and down. If you feel the movement of the muscle, you have hit the right spot. Keep your finger pressed in that position for another 2 minutes.

Knee pressure point

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10. Ankle pressure point

Massage both the inside and outside of your ankle for 2 minutes. This improves the function of the spleen and strengthens the digestive system. The point is located 2 inches above your ankle.

Ankle pressure point

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11. Upper lip acupressure point

This pressure point is just above your lip and is good to focus on when you are giving yourself a face massage. It controls food cravings and is good for stress. Keep the pressure applied for 5 minutes.

Upper lip acupressure point

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12. Hand

In the V region between the thumb and forefinger is the pressure point that corresponds to your large intestine and which manages weight gain and promotes weight loss. It also clears the digestive tract. Massage this for 2 minutes daily.


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13. Feet

The pressure point on your feet increases metabolism and general health. There are quite a number of meridians on the feet corresponding to the kidneys, intestines, stomach, brain, and uterus. Apply pressure here in the dorsum of the foot in the depression junctions of the 1st and 2nd metatarsal bones or between the big and second toe.

Acupressure for weight loss yields many additional benefits. For your feet, what you can also do is to purchase an acupressure board which is quite cheap and works wonders especially when you are suffering from low back pain. With a board, you need to do a stationary march for 5 minutes daily on an empty stomach.


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