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15 Alkaline Diet Foods that Prevent Heart Disease, Obesity and Cancer


People have never been such unhealthy as today’s generations seem to be. However, many people are trying to have a healthier lifestyle as possible, controlled eating regime, and medical treatments now that the truth behind processed foods and GMO is being uncovered.

The USA leads in heart illnesses, obesity, and overweight. It believed these are main reasons for death. People are being fed with processed foods all the time by money hungry CEO’s and they are causing more medical problems that we can imagine. Numerous proven scientists are even studying the correlation between processed GMO foods and cancer. Processed foods have already been proven to cause obesity and diabetes, therefore, individuals started understanding the threats of them. Because of that, many people are looking for a healthier regime, and alkaline foods are the place to begin.

An alkaline regime is an eating regime that is consisted of foods that will help you balance the pH levels of the liquids in your body. This also incorporates urine and blood. However, an alkaline diet has far more benefits than only adjusting pH level in our bodies. To be told, there have been many reviews performed on the impacts of alkaline foods and they discovered interesting outcomes.


“Аdjusting body’s pH through an alkaline eating regime can be useful in reducing morbidity and mortality from various unending diseases and illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, vitamin D lack, and low bone density!” (2012 audit, published in the Journal of Environmental Health). Eating plans consisted of high alkalinity result in more alkaline urine pH level protects solid cells and balances essential mineral levels, the research showed.

Basic Foods consist of fresh vegetables, natural products and unprocessed plant-based sources of protein.

The best wellsprings of alkalinity are raw foods, plant proteins, organic products, green vegetables, soluble water, and green beverages!


The Best 15 Alkaline Foods:

• Spinach
• Bananas
• Lemons
• Swiss Chard
• Broccoli
• Buckwheat
• Melon
• Olive Oil
• Flaxseed
• Avocados
• Quinoa
• Grapes
• Carrots
• Berries
• Cauliflower

Consuming these foods, can by far reduce the risk of overweight, obesity, cancer and heart diseases.


source: https://gottacheckthis.com

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