Are you underweight? Are you looking to gain weight rapidly? If yes, then worry no more because gaining weight now is easier and faster. Gone are the days when your last resort to gain extra kilos or layers of fat was some Ayurvedic mantra, prescribed medicines or protein powders. The sole answer to your weight gaining woes is none other than your home!

If you think visiting a physician can solve all your weight problems, why not first try out a few natural tricks? Besides medicines, powders, and syrups that promise to induce hunger and weight in your fragile body, a few basic homemade recipes tend to work magic. By putting to use your kitchen resources, you can derive various homemade remedies to gain weight. So, ready to know how to gain weight fast with the best homemade remedies for weight gain?

Why are Homemade Remedies better for Gain weight?

  • Simple and easy implementation is the pivotal element offered by homemade remedies.
  • Completely natural and safe is what makes homemade remedies so special.
  • No adverse effects are caused by using homemade remedies as opposed to synthesized medicines which may cause allergy or sickness.
  • Homemade remedies are cost-effective and far more reliable.
  • Often yields better and quicker results.
  • The homemade remedy is a safe way, healthy way and natural way to gain weight efficiently because of use of natural ingredients mixed in the right amount.

Gain Weight Fast, Quickly

1. Dry fruits

Dry fruits are the best source of carbohydrates, proteins and minerals. Hence, they are an essential part of your daily meal or snacks. Consume dry fruits in excess especially nuts and almonds. Cashews and pistachio also help you gain weight quickly. Thus, ensure that alongside your daily meal and snacks you also eat a lot of nuts and dry fruits.

2. Fruit juice

If eating isn’t one of your strongest suits then don’t lose hope just yet. For food haters, there is an alternate method to gain extra kilos by feeding voraciously on fruit juices or milkshakes. Fruit juices are rich in proteins and vitamins while milkshakes offer an excess variety of quintessential minerals and sugars necessary to gain weight.

3. Vegetables

Intake of vegetables plays a crucial role if you are looking to gain weight in a month. Raw vegetables must be preferred as they offer an enriching mixture of vitamins and minerals. Cooked vegetables meanwhile add carbohydrates, proteins and fats to the nutrition chart. Moreover eat green vegetables such as spinach, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.

4. Proper Sleep

If sleep is all you do then gaining weight is as easy as closing your eyes. As suggested by experts, afternoon naps post meal offer high probability to gain weight. It is because of the reason that sleeping after eating subdues burning of calories turning it in to rich fats that settles into the layers of your skin and muscles. Hence, this scientifically proven fact is one the easiest homemade remedies to gain weight.

5. Dairy products

For people having a penchant for milk and dairy products, it is not a herculean task to gain weight in one month. Milk provides all the necessary nutrients for stellar growth and development. Hence, it is basic supplement to gain weight fast for skinny people. Dairy products such as cheese, butter and ghee help in increasing weight by considerable amounts.

6. Exercise and Workouts

Now before you wondering what relation might exercise and gaining weight holds let us be clear one fact. Exercise induces appetite which in turns increases your diet leading to weight gains. However, it must also be noted that only minimum amount of exercise is needed to increase appetite. Rigorous daily workouts may lead to burning of the already present fat.

7. Breads and Peanut Butter

Breads baked with whole wheat also work as a great home remedy for gaining weight quickly. Rich in fiber they contain essential grains that accelerate carbohydrate growth in your body. Eating bread with a slice of cheese or by spreading peanut butter on top of it, paves way for a good homemade recipe of weight gaining.

8. Grains

Consumptions of grains such as wheat, rice and soybean leads to successful weight gain. Another perfect homemade remedy to gain extra weight is increasing the intake of various pulses.

9. Olive Oil

Adding lots of olive oil or vegetable oil in your food also makes up for a good homemade weight gaining technique. These oils are rich in fats, carbohydrates and other minerals necessary for muscle growth.

10. Oats

Oats make up for a vital constituent in breakfast or snacks. Since breakfast is the first meal of the day it should always be heavy. Hence, oats must be used at part-time snacks between meals or for breakfast. Devouring them in excess makes weight gaining easy and fast.

11. Eggs

Boiled eggs are the most natural substance of proteins and must always be eaten in breakfast. Gulping down eggs raw with the yolk may lead to gain weight in a week, like may be helpful if consumed two glasses a day.

12. Meat

Meat comes packed with a high quotient of proteins and minerals. Eating meat regularly may help you to gain weight. You can choose different forms of meat viz. steak, ground beef and pork depending upon what suits you better.

13. Yogurt

Appropriate quantities of fats and proteins may help you gain weight. Hence, yogurt which is a high protein and fat supplement is advisable as a home remedy for weight gain.

14. Natural Rich Granola

A bowl of granola is a major breakfast diet consisting of fruits, nuts, and proteins generating as much as 500 calories for your body, which is an important part of weight gain.

15. Noodles

Noodles are rich in carbohydrates and because of that is an important factor in gaining weight. However, care must be taken because excessive proportion may lead to acidity.

16. Pasta

Pasta is an in Italian recipe and normally baked in gravy made from white/red sauce. Many vital herbal ingredients are added while making pasta making it an enriching food full of nutrients that are essential for weight gain.

17. Fruits

Banana, Mango, Chickoo and other essential fruits help gain weight. Therefore, fruits must be consumed every day.

Herbal Remedies For Weight Gain

18. Ginger

A herbal ingredient, ginger relieves you of gastro-intrinsic woes improving your hunger and helping you gain weight. Ginger ale is one such method of consuming ginger, which helps naturally gain weight fast for skinny and underweight people.

19. Dandelion Root

Owing to the presence of elements such as potassium, zinc, vitamins and minerals Dandelion Root often leads to weight gain by inducing hunger pangs. It is ideally preferred for pregnant women so as to gain necessary weight for a stable delivery.

20. Chen Pi

A dead citrus peel, Chen Pi is responsible for boosting your gastric secretions thereby increasing your appetite and helping you put on weight.

21. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea works wonders as it possesses various antispasmodic properties that improve your digestive tract which results in increased hunger. Thus, drinking peppermint tea is bound to increase your weight.

22. Ashwagandha Powder

Composed by mixing several herbal ingredients, two teaspoons of Ashwagandha powder and a glass full of milk tend to improves digestion. Adding one spoon of ghee or honey to it makes gaining weight really easy.

Facts about Weight Gain
  • Drink 8-10 glasses or 1-2 L of water daily.
  • Oils and fats must be natural and not adulterated.
  • Smoking results in weight loss. So, stop immediately.
  • Fluids must be avoided before lunch because they tend to reduce appetite.
  • Daily consumption of dairy products made at home not packed or manufactured.
Gaining weight in a safe way, healthy way is not a rocket science. The only thing needed is to follow proper diet and intake of essential food items. The use of these homemade remedies not only guarantees to gain weight faster but also does the needful naturally better than the artificially produced supplements. If you wish to gain weight in a week, don’t be afraid of going overboard with these natural remedies; they’re completely safe.

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