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8 Natural Remedies For Treating Arthritis


Individuals with arthritis often turn to pain medication to help ease their suffering. However, there are many natural remedies for treating arthritis that people are completely unaware of (and yes, they actually work!).

Arthritis is a joint disorder that affects one or more joints and causes inflammation. There are around 100 different arthritis types, however, the most common types include osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


Osteoarthritis is triggered when the cartilage between the bones wears down, causing the bones to grate on each other. On the other hand, rheumatoid arthritis is caused due to an autoimmune disorder. This disorder causes an inflammation of the synovial membrane that leads to bone loss.

Instead of popping pills, try one of these 8 natural remedies for treating arthritis, and help manage your pain the natural way!

Devil’s claw

Devil’s claw derives its name from the little hooks that cover the fruit. Many studies have revealed that this herb is effective in reducing pain and inflammation in arthritis patients. Many studies have shown that taking devil’s claw for 8 to 12 weeks can reduce pain in people with osteoarthritis. Not only does it relieve joint pain in the spine, knee and hip, but it can also increase joint flexibility.


This remedy is considered to be one of the best treatments for arthritis, and can be found in most health food stores.


In Ayurvedic culture, turmeric is considered the best treatment for arthritis. In fact, the highly bioavailable form of curcumin in fresh, raw turmeric, is MORE EFFECTIVE in alleviating rheumatoid arthritis symptoms (tenderness, swelling of joints) than drugs that are currently on the market to mock these same effects.


Ginger is among the most effective home remedies for arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. Studies have shown that when consumed for 6 weeks, ginger can reduce pain in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. It is recommended that a purified and standardized ginger extract should be taken as a treatment for arthritis. It is among the best natural remedies for treating arthritis and can be used in juices, smoothies, in salads, and many other recipes (the raw root form is best!).


A study has revealed that Boswellia Serrata extract (BSE) is beneficial to reduce the pain in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. It helps to increase knee flexibility and decreases swelling around the affected joints.


Rosehip is the fruit of the rose plant that is high in vitamin C. It can be eaten raw, or be made into jellies, jams, syrups, soups and drinks. Rosehip powder is among the easiest natural remedies for arthritis patients, because it is easily available in the form of capsules, tablets and even as the oil that can be rubbed on the affected area. Research has found that it improves hip flexibility and reduces pain in patients with osteoarthritis of the hips.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Researchers have always vouched for the fact that omega-3 fatty acids can be used as a treatment for inflammatory arthritis. In order to increase the fatty acid intake, it is preferable to consume omega-6 and omega-9 along with omega-3. This is because the body may not be able to use the extra omega-3 if the consumption of other two is not increased. An arthritis patient can get the right combination of these fatty acids through walnuts, hemp seeds, consuming a wide variety of fruits, and chia seeds (among many more!).

Vitamin D

In most cases, arthritis is linked to vitamin D deficiency. Getting plenty of sun exposure everyday (without the use of sunscreen or sunblock to ensure proper vitamin D synthesis in the body), or taking a vitamin D3 supplement in the winter is incredibly important for helping treat and prevent arthritis.


Selenium is a vital mineral and micronutrient, which is necessary for the body. In fact, a selenium deficiency can make arthritis worse. It is suggested to get your selenium levels checked, and if your levels are low, to consume foods high in selenium such as brazil nuts, sunflower seeds and mushrooms!


In addition to these natural remedies, there are other herbs and oils that serve as wonderful alternative treatments for arthritis. A few of these include feverfew, alfalfa, castor oil, green gram, and more. Some of the foods that can help in relieving arthritic pain include potato juice, pineapple, celery, nutmeg and coconut oil. Another effective home remedy is to consume the pulp of one aloe leaf every day to relieve the joint pain from arthritis.




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