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Apply THIS On the Lenses of Your Glasses and Remove All the Scratches (The Results Will AMAZE You!)


The real and ugly truth is that most people think that buying scratch-resistant eyeglasses means never having to deal with scratched lenses! Well, they’re wrong! That’s right, with improper care, all lenses will scratch (even those made of glass). When lens scratches begin to interfere with vision, people may ask their eye care professional how best to remove them. They are usually told the scratches cannot be removed and new lenses are necessary. Ladies and gentlemen, this is especially true for glass lenses. But, plastic lens scratches can be repaired by some do-it-yourself remedies.

  1. Baking soda:

Follow the simple instruction – mix ½ tsp. of baking soda with water until you get a pasty mixture. Apply this mixture on your glasses and rub it gently in circular motion. Rinse it with cold water in the end. That’s it!

  1. Toothpaste:

Can I ask you something – did you know that regular toothpaste is also great for removing scratches and dirt from your glasses?! The answer is YES and it’s very simple. Just put a bit on the lenses and rub with a piece of cotton in a circular motion. Wash the lenses with cold water. Take a look at the article below for more additional tips and tricks, which will help you protect your glasses.

Additional TIPS and TRICKS:

Ladies and gentlemen, I really think that the best solution is proper preventive care of eyeglasses, whether they are made of plastic or glass. That’s right! Well, this means that storing eyeglasses in a sturdy, cushioned eyeglass case is the first step in the prevention of scratches. And, one more thing – eyeglasses should never be placed in a pocket or purse without a protective covering.

  • Never use facial tissues or paper towels to clean lenses, as these products will scratch the lenses.
  • Clean lenses every day with soapy water and dry with a soft, clean cloth, preferably one made for that purpose.
  • Do not clean with soaps containing anti-bacterial products or hand creams.
  • Some products including household cleaners, acetone (nail polish remover), perfume, and hairspray can harm lens coatings.

source: http://the-spiritualist.com

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