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Cancer Free Population That Lives up to 120 years! This is Their SECRET!


Did you know that there is Cancer free Population in our small world? Have you ever heard about Hunza people? They are people living in the northern region of India. Almost never fall ill and they don’t maintain health diary.  They represent a tiny population in India which is the healthiest, longest living and happiest human being on the earth.

Hunza women can give birth to babies at the age of 65! They are under the category of the cancer-free population. The entire Hunza population takes a bath with cold water.

The large part of their daily diet is sun-dried apricots. There is no case of cancer in Hunza people. Their diet is pretty amazing because they don’t eat any imported food. They grow and harvest the food which they consume. The large part of Hunza diet consists of raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and dried apricots. They also eat different types of cereals like buckwheat, millet, and barley. Milk, legumes, eggs, and cheese are all organic and also part of the diet. Hunza people do not have snacks. They eat a little and walk for all day.

Hunza people have their own tradition of not eating anything for a period of 2-4 months. During this period they only consume juice of dried apricot. It’s fasting period of Hunza people. This period is when fruits are not ripe in order to harvest.

Many medical experts say that this fasting period is crucial for this cancer-free population. People also believe that the high consumption of apricots is the reason behind no cancer cases. Apricots seeds have vitamin B-17 compound which is a powerful anti-cancer agent. It prevents cancer effectively.

Hunza people is a cancer-free population that lives up to 150 years.

They look younger due to their healthy lifestyle, diet and no stress. Hunza women can give birth to a child at the age of 65.

An interesting story was published in 1984. Said Abdul Mbundu, who was Hunza man, arrived in London. He submitted the papers to the security which claimed that he was born in 1832. The story has shocked many people living in West.

From this case, the Hunza people become a real attraction for the scientists and researchers to understand the secret of long healthy life.


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