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What are the Most Common Signs of Aluminum Poisoning?


I’ve read hundreds of cases involving aluminum poisoning for the last month. We have to agree that the aluminum is all over us. We can’t get rid of it even though patients are suffering from it.

Some people are not aware they have it until the situation gets worse.

That’s why I’m here to bring daylight to this problem. I have the most common signs of aluminum poisoning.

Before I get down to that, I would want to tell you what the doctors say.

The aluminum poisoning is not from yesterday. It has been here for hundreds of years.

However, in recent years the number of people suffering from aluminum poisoning is increased. That causes a problem.

I want you to know that it’s not just the aluminum foil you are using at home for cooking. We are going to assume that’s safe because it was chemically tested.

The environment is full of aluminum-based toxins. Inhaling could lead to pretty severe neurological and physical disorders.

Here is a picture of the most common signs of Aluminum Poisoning:

The Solution

There are a couple of things you can do if you catch an aluminum poisoning.

If your kid is suffering from it, you need to give a silicic acid. It gives the best results, and it will “restart” your child.

The silica product is found useful in many studies. It’s said that it does a pretty good job removing the aluminum from your body by kicking it out through the urine.

Get them to drink one liter of Malaysian water “Spritzer” and 50%-70% will lower the aluminum levels of everyone involved.

If you are located in the US, opt-in for mineral water like Volvic or Fiji. They are both high in silicic, and the bottles are BPA free.

It takes a bottle of either one of these mineral waters per day and one week to do a proper detoxification.

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Source: Simple Organic Life

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