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Why Drinking Coffee on an Empty Stomach is a Bad Idea


The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, while you are brushing your teeth, is taking over your body and soul.

You can’t resist the sound and smell the coffee maker is releasing. Your heart starts beating faster, and the even the pores of your skin are opened to absorb the feeling.

You grab your robe and rush to the kitchen to get your daily dose of caffeine.

The feeling of the first sip is opening your eyes.

Now, I’m saddened to tell you that all of this is damaging your health.

Some reasons will make you stop doing this. All of a sudden, drinking coffee on an empty stomach is a terrible idea because of the:

Stomach Acids

You already know that the stomach contains acids that help the digestion of the food.

When the stomach is empty in the morning, the acids have nothing to do. On top of this, when you add more acids to the coffee, your stomach transforms in an acidic environment perfect for formatting cancer cells.


Coffee in the morning decreases these brain’s ability to produce serotonin.

Why Drinking Coffee on an Empty Stomach is a Bad Idea

When this happens, the anxiety and depression could come knocking on your door.


The experts warn us about increasing the number of fluids in our stomach. If you are drinking coffee now and you didn’t have your breakfast, you can feel your mouth dry and ask for more fluids.

The worst case scenario is when you try to fix that dehydration problem with another cup of coffee.

Loss of appetite

Drinking coffee in the morning will make your stomach get used to it. The cup of coffee will become your breakfast.

Every morning, your organism will strive for coffee and not for breakfast.

This will result in loss of appetite for a longer term.

Still, want your coffee?

Think again.

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