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Find out what causes obesity in these body parts and get rid of unwanted fat


Obesity has been a very common health issue these days. Changes in lifestyle, unhealthy diet habits, stress, and a busy life schedule are some of the major causes of obesity. Obesity not only affects the confidence level and personality of an individual but also causes several major health issues. Some health issues associated with obesity include diabetes, stroke, heart disease, back pain, joint pain, and cancer. This is why many health experts provide a great emphasis on living a healthy life.

Obesity may come in other shapes aside from round, contrary to popular belief. It can also be seen in different parts of the body. Knowing where you carry fat will not only help you identify the type of obesity and its causes, but will also help you figure out what changes are needed in your lifestyle to get rid of obesity.

1. Obesity due to excessive eating

This type of obesity is very high in the west. It comes from eating too much and intake of sugary foods. Eating small portions of food, exercising regularly, and reducing sugar consumption can help you get rid of this type of obesity.

Obesity due to excessive eating

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2. Obesity due to a nervous stomach

Stress, anxiety, and depression are some of the common causes of obesity. Those suffering from obesity due to a nervous stomach can get rid of it by reducing the amount of sugar in their diet and by identifying and addressing the root cause of stress, depression, and anxiety.

Obesity due to a nervous stomach

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3. Gluten obesity

Gluten obesity generally affects menopausal or adolescent women or those who are undergoing huge hormonal changes. One can get rid of this type of obesity by avoiding drinking, smoking, and sit for a long period of time. Exercises, especially with weights, can also prove helpful in getting rid of gluten obesity.

Gluten obesity

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4. Atherogenic metabolic obesity

Those suffering from atherogenic metabolic obesity carry the majority of their fat around their middles which causes breathing problems. Reduction in alcohol consumption is recommended to deal with this type of obesity.

Atherogenic metabolic obesity

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5. Obesity due to the venous circulation

This type of obesity may be inherited and usually occurs in pregnant women and in people with swollen legs. Climbing stairs or running proves to be very effective in getting rid of this type.

Obesity due to venous circulation

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6. Obesity due to inactivity

This type of obesity affects those body parts that used to be active. An example is when you stop working out. Eating at regular intervals to speed up metabolism is an ideal way to get rid of this type of obesity.

Obesity due to inactivity

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