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Guava Leaves Can Stop Your Hair loss & Make It Grow Like Crazy!!!


Both men and women, commonly experience hair loss, and despite the use of numerous different anti-hair loss remedies, products and treatments, it seems that nothing can solve them.

Yet, we have some good news! We will reveal a completely natural and extremely effective way to treat hair loss- guava leaves!

They are probably the best natural remedy in the case of hair loss and are also considered to be extremely useful in increasing platelets in patients suffering from Dengue fever. Experts claim that the regular use of guava leaves can prevent and successfully treat hair loss. Moreover, this method will also boost the hair growth!

These leaves are high in vitamin B, which is vital for a healthy hair growth.

Preparation Method

  1. Boil a handful of guava leaves in a liter of water for around 20 minutes. Then, leave the mixture to cool at room temperature. Use this mixture to massage the scalp. Leave it in for several hours, and then wash it off. For best results, massage the scalp in the evening before going to bed, put on a shower cap, and leave it to act until the next morning.
  2. Also, you can apply the tonic to your hair roots and scalp after you wash the hair.
  3. This guava leaves treatment is extremely effective and will undoubtedly solve the hair loss issues! Moreover, its regular use will stimulate the hair growth as it successfully strengthens the hair follicles and roots.


source: http://admirablebuilding.org

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