Hair Types and Tips to Help your hair

Hair Types and Tips to Help your hair

NY Barbers feature three main types of hair: normal, dry and greasy.

Normal hair. The normal type of hair is characterized by the freshness of the head for 1 to 2 days and compliance with styling. It can be well combed and not prone to cross-section. In addition, such hair naturally shines.

Care: Washing will be enough every 2 – 3 days with shampoo and balm.

Dry hair. Such hair is most often thin, dull and look lifeless. It is difficult to comb and style.

Care: When the hair is brittle, dry and prone to cross-section and tangling, the best option is shampoo for dry and damaged hair. It is necessary to wash hair 1 – 2 times a week. You can also use the means for making hair shine and regenerating masks. It is best to comb brushes with natural bristles or plastic teeth, but you should refrain from using metal combs.

Greasy hair. Such hair after washing quickly become “heavy” and greasy. It does not split. The volume keeps after washing and quickly disappears. Oily hair lends itself to styling, but its effect quickly disappears.

Care: it is advisable to purchase shampoo for daily use or hair products that regulate the production of sebum. Do not take shampoos containing silicone. You also need to limit the consumption of animal fats and sweets.

Mixed hair type. Most often, the mixed type is connected with long hair. Sebum “does not reach” to the ends of the hair, and therefore they are oily near the roots and dry at the ends.

Care: Such hair should be washed 2 – 3 times a week. Shampoo can be bought for normal hair, and for mixed-type hair. In addition, the ends need to be cut every month and strengthened with masks, while the funds should be applied only to the ends of the hair, not distributing them throughout the head.


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