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What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Too Much Sugar?


The enemy no.1 for all of us. The reason why many people “catch” numerous diseases that can’t be cured.

The primary source of obesity.

I have some reasons that will make you feel disgusted and stop eating sugar. But everything will vanish as soon as you get a piece of that cake.

My challenge is to make everyone listen that sugar is not good for the health, and you need to lower or eliminate the intake of sugar during the day.

The sugar addiction is tightly connected with the use of drugs. Studies show how the sugar has a similar effect on your mind as cocaine.

I’m talking about the addictive features.

It fools your mind and makes it think about sweets all the time. The funny thing is that you can’t feel satisfied with it. The more you eat it, the more you are going to feel hungry for it.

That’s the biggest problem. Sugar is damaging your health, and you know it, but it’s still god damn hard for you to quit eating it.

I know this because I had the same problem before I became a nutritionist.

Have you ever overeaten something that you now feel disgusted about it? – Please don’t ask me for the details because I’m feeling sick just by thinking about it.

Maybe the sugar was the main reason why I became a nutritionist.

In the next couple of minutes, I’m going to try to bring the disadvantages and negative side of sugar as much as possible.

What I want from you after this, is to reduce the intake of sugar until you eliminate it completely from your life.

Are you ready?

It Acts Like The Most Addictive Drug

You can feel the “good” chemicals, dopamine and serotonin, flowing in your body and causing tremendous hunger for sugar.

These compounds are activated when your body reacts to drugs like cocaine.

With the Intake of Sugar, You Are Making Your Body Work Much Harder

The insulin levels are getting weaker day-by-day when they regulate the excess sugar in the blood.

When The Insulin Levels Drops, the Sugar Follows

Right when you thought that the sugar would give you energy, you will feel drained and foggy.

You Get Used to The Taste

It works like spicy foods and salt. The more sugar you eat you will need to increase the intake to “catch” the satisfaction.

Excessive Intake of Sugar Drains you Dry

With so much insulin released in your body trying to bring order to the sugar flow in your blood, you can’t avoid feeling tired.

The sugar comes with no nutritional value, so your energy for the day is used to control the sugar.

Developing Candida

It’s the most common type of fungus infection you could get from eating too much sugar.

Busts Your Immune System

When you eat too many desserts like you’ve never seen before, the cells in your body will quit working.

This opens them up and makes you vulnerable to colds.

Sugar Messes Up Your Skin

It breaks down the collagen on your skin. It means that you are going to age faster and could develop numerous skin problems like acne, eczema, and rosacea.

More Sugar Won’t Satisfy Your Hunger

You are just going towards obesity fast!

Don’t Give Your Dentist a Reason to Leave You Toothless

Sugar affects the pH balance and motivates the bacteria to bring damage. The more sugar is getting in between the tiny gaps, the more it allows applying danger on your teeth.

It’s no surprise that you have developed a tooth decay.

That wraps things up. Please control your sugar intake for better health.

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