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Here 8 Pressure Points That Will Reduce Your Stress In Seconds


The fast lifestyle has the various ill effect on health. The work pressure and long working hours have increased the stress level of our life. Massage is often referred to as the best natural treatment to reduce stress. The principle behind massage is to put pressure on certain body points which help you to feel relieved. Here is a list of 8 simple pressure points which you can use to get rid of stress.

1. The Scalp

  • At the point on your neck where the skull meets to it just interlace your fingers and place them at that point.
  • Press gently using your two thumbs for 20 seconds.

2. The Ear

  • It is referred to as the best point for stress relieving.
  • Many experts recommended this point for stress relief. You can massage this spot using a cotton bud or pen.
  • Take slow and deep breath during the massage.

3. The Chest

  • You can get relief from emotional imbalance and anxiety.
  • Just place three fingers at this point. It will calm your nervous system.

4. The Stomach

  • Numerous reflexologists like to utilize this point since it makes development that liberates the mid-section and stomach, which enhances the breathing procedure.
  • Patients who have this treatment instinctually take more profound breaths and quite often report a sensation or alleviation.

5. The Forearm

  • Inside elbow point is extremely compelling to calm uneasiness, trouble in mid-section.
  • Apply weight on inside elbow focuses on both arms one by one to get help in nervousness.

6. The Palm

  • This point is situated on a standout amongst the most imperative meridians (a vitality channel), which influences the heart, liver, and pancreas.
  • The minute you push on this spot, you’ll feel your anxiety vanishing.

7. The Calves

  • Applying weight now increments and manages vitality stream eases exhaustion and aides in expanding focus.
  • Apply weight for 1 moment and move to the following point.

8. The Foot

  • This point is situated along the edge of within the foot.
  • Applying weight now helps all-around sustenance and adjusted course of vitality all through body and brain, helps in diminishing the psyche from stresses and nervousness.
  • Moreover, it additionally calms lower leg torments.
  • That’s it! It is the simplest way to get rid of stress and anxiety.
  • Just pass on this information to your friends and family who experience the stress at a high level.


source: http://admirablebuilding.org

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