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Are you looking for exercises that can help you shape up your body and tight up all your muscles? We are going to show you some of the exercises that can help you achieve that. After only a few sessions you will feel lighter and more flexible.

You need to repeat each of this exercise one minute. In case you are not in the good physical condition, we advise you to start with 30 seconds repetitions.

For achieving best results do this exercises 2-3 times a week, and force yourself for two more days of cardio exercises. For this exercises, you will need small dumbbells and weights from 1-2 kg.

7 Exercises To Look Fantastic From Every Possible Angle:

1. Take one dumbbell in each hand and stand up straight. Put your feet in the same position as your hips. Then put your hands next to your body and move your palms towards your thighs.

Take a step back with your right leg bend the elbows and lift the dumbbells towards your shoulders. Lower them along with your body (picture A). When you are returning your right leg to the original position spread your hands in the same high as your shoulder (picture B). Put your arms down and repeat this exercise with your left leg.

2. Lay down and bend your knees. Your feet must be down on the floor. Hold the dumbbells and spread your hands aside at the height of your shoulders. Your elbows should be slightly bent and your hands directed towards the ceiling (picture A).

Put your arms above your chest and at the same time pull your knees toward your chest (picture B). Then return the starting position.

3. Stand up straight. Place your feet at the same position as your hips, and take small dumbbells with your hands. Place your hands up front. Make a squat and lift the dumbbell with your right hand at the same height as your shoulders (picture A).

Stand up slowly and put your right hand down and lift the dumbbell with your left hand at the same height as your shoulder (picture B).

4. Lie down on the floor and put your legs in the same position as your shoulders. Hold the weights and extend your right hand over the right shoulder. Your left leg must remain stretched along the body (picture A).

Hold the right hand upright and straight up your upper body (picture B). Bend the right elbow and move the dumbbell next to your ear. Make few repetitions with each hand.

5. Bend your knees and lay down on the floor. Take small dumbbells and stretch your arms above your chest and at the same time extend your leg at an angle of 45 ° and lift your hips from the floor (picture A).

Lower your down to the floor and place the dumbbells towards the head (picture B). Then return your body to the original position and complete the exercise. Do few repetitions with your left leg and few with your right leg.

6. Again stand up straight and place your feet in the same position as your hips. Take dumbbells in each hand and hold them at the same height as your shoulders (picture A). Lean your body forward and keep your knees bend (picture B).

Then extend your arms forward towards your head, pull the dumbbells and stand up.

7. Make a position for push-up and take a dumbbell in the right hand. Bend your right elbow and pull them towards yourself (picture A). Extend your arm backward (picture B). Return your hand to the floor and complete the exercise. Make a couple of repetitions for each hand.

Sources: http://healthylivingsources.com

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