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How To Get A Beautiful Butt In 4 Weeks!!!


When you look at your behind, what is the first thing that comes into your mind?

Do you want to improve the size of your butt?

Do you want to get rid of all that dirty cellulite your partner has been complaining about?

Do you want to tone that butt so that you can wear all sorts of clothes that you want to?

Do you find it embarrassing when you wear evening gowns and you look drastically flat?

Get a Beautiful Butt in 4 weeks plan! with this program, You’ll end up with a stronger, tighter, bigger butt.

The moves may look tame, but don’t be fooled: You’ll lose up to 2 inches from your butt in 4 weeks.

•Do 3 times a week for 4 weeks.
•20 minutes total.
•Do sequence 1 time.


1. Standing Glute Toner

A. Stand with feet hip-width apart and parallel, and hold the back of a chair. Move left toe back 12 inches and touch the floor with it. Soften both knees, tuck pelvis, then bend left knee to lift the foot off the floor. Keeping knee bent, press straight back (as if aiming for 6 on a clock) with the foot for 20 reps, then move foot diagonally to the left (as if aiming for 8 on a clock) and press it back for 20 reps.

B. Straighten left leg. Lift leg, pressing straight back for 20 reps, then press diagonally back (aiming for 8 on a clock) for 20 reps. Return to starting position, and repeat the same series of moves on opposite side.

Tip: Be sure to lock your pelvis into a stable position before moving your leg.

2. Kneeling Glute Toner

Kneel with knees hip-width apart, and hold the back of a chair; tighten abs, tuck pelvis. Slide left foot back, lift knee and toes off the floor; press straight back with foot (knee bent) 20 reps. Keeping knee behind the hip, pelvis tucked, turn out leg slightly (toe to 8 on the clock); lift toes 20 reps. Rotate thigh out; press foot back 20 reps. Lift leg diagonally to side 20 reps. Switch legs; repeat series.

Tip: Keep working leg behind supporting leg at all times.

3. Pretzel

Sit with right knee bent directly in front of the right hip and left knee bent behind left hip; place fingertips on either side of the right knee (slightly wider than shoulders). Brace core muscles; lift left knee and foot off the floor. Do 20 reps, touching the floor with a knee between reps. Keeping knee up, press knee back for 20 reps. Switch legs; repeat both moves.

Tip: If lifting your knee is too challenging, just lift your foot.

4. Pigeon Stretch

From a kneeling position, bring bent right knee forward, laying outside of leg on the mat, and slide left leg straight back. Keep hands on the floor, framing right knee. Slowly lower chest toward thigh as you gently roll your hips from side to side. Settle into a position that gives you your best stretch, and holds for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

Tip: Tight hips? Put a rolled-up towel beneath the hip on the same side as your front leg.

source: http://admirablebuilding.org

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