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I Lost 12 Kg Weight In Just 14 Days, All Thanks To This Amazing Diet Routine


I was seriously unhappy with my body fat. Tried a lot of things to reduce my weight, but the thing that worked for me is this diet.

The diet plan allows you to eat and drink enough, the only thing you need to change is your food. This plan introduces the power of Lemon into your system that burns a lot of fat. This is what you need to eat for this diet:

Day 1: Squeeze the Juice of a lemon in 1 glass of water. Make and drink this 3 times a day with your regular meals.

Day 2: Lemon juice from 2 lemons in 500 ml of water. Finish this drink in two doses, 1 before breakfast in the morning, second after dinner at night.

Day 3: Repeat day one

Day 4: Repeat day 2

Day 5: Drink one lemon water before breakfast. Then eat more green veggies in the day. Eat chapatis and bread, no rice at all. For dinner eat fruits and vegetable salad. End your day with another glass of lemon water.

Day 6: Repeat day 2

Day 7: Repeat Day 5 again.

So this is what you should for first 7 days. In the next 7 days repeat this whole plan again. In just 22 weeks you will see the fats flushing out from your body.


source: Glowpink.com

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