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These Optical Illusions Reveal Your Stress Level in 2 Seconds


I can watch optical illusions all the time. Somehow, they relax me, and I feel like the world outside pauses. When I wake up, that half an hour is gone, and it will never go back.

My husband doesn’t want these things because he says it makes him sick in the stomach and gives him headaches.

The living room in my home have two great optical illusions, but not like these.

I’m sure these pictures will help you relieve stress, but this is something new about relieving the stress levels.

If we take a look at the statistics surrounding the weight problems, you are going to see an alarming epidemic happening in the US.

Stress.org reveals that 44% of the Americans suffer from stress more that they were five years ago. The stress is one to blame for 10% of all strokes and 60% of all diseases and illnesses.

Maybe we all think that obesity is the primary cause for all these things. However, the stress problems are common in the doctors’ offices today. This issue is worth $300 billion in medical bills and lost productivity. That’s $100 billion more than the obesity costs our nation.

Do you know how stressed you are?

It’s tough to get the right diagnose for the level of stress you are feeling right now. However, the Japanese people could help you out on this one. According to a Japanese psychiatrist, Akioshi Kitaoka, a few images will help you determine your state of mind.

I’m talking about the optical illusions we all think are here for us to have fun.

The process of recognizing the stress level is the movement of the objects in the pictures. If you take a look and they are still, you are fully relaxed, and nothing is going on in your mind for that moment.

Are they moving slowly? There is a chance your stress levels are low. If they are moving around and it’s highly noticeable, you are super stressed and needed to do something to relieve it.

Take a look at these pics:

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to start panicking and visit the hospital. Take it easy. This moment is for yourself. Take a deep breath and relax.

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Source: David Wolfe


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