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These 5 Exercises Can Help Reduce a Muffin Top at Home


We would all love to get rid of the muffin top. If you want to do it and shape your body as well, you need to be determined and of course, find the right exercises. So, today we are here to present you with 5 workouts that will help you do this in a very short period of time. If you do them for 30-45 seconds and then have a break of 10-15 seconds and rest for 60 seconds between each set, and get 2-3 sets per session then it would be perfect for your body. This way you will get the results fast. All you have to do is perform the exercises we are about to show you 3-4 times a week.

Moreover, make sure you increase the consumption of fresh vegetables, beans, dark chocolate, oats, chicken, peaches, spicy foods, and nuts. You need to consume a gallon of water daily as well.

Just combine a healthy diet with the following 5 workouts!

5 Exercises to Help You Reduce the Muffin Top

1. Mountain Climbers

Begin in a plank position with arms and legs long. Beginning in a solid plank is the key to proper form and good results in the Mountain Climber. Keep your abs pulled in and your body straight. Squeeze your glutes and pull your shoulders away from your ears. Pull your right knee into your chest.  As the knee draws to the chest, pull your abs in even tighter to be sure your body doesn’t sag or come out of its plank position. Quickly switch and pull the left knee in. At the same time you push your right leg back, pull your left knee into the chest using the same form. Continue to switch knees. Pull the knees in right, left, right, left—always switching simultaneously so that you are using a “running” motion. As you begin to move more quickly be in constant awareness of your body position and be sure to keep a straight line in your spine and don’t let your head droop. Core body stability is crucial.

2. Jumping Lunges

Start standing tall with your feet staggered your left foot slightly in front of your right. Making sure you’re not too stiff, keep your stance active with your knees bent in a slight but not full lunge. With your core engaged, push off the bottom of both feet into a jump, switching the position of your feet in midair, landing in a basic lunge with your right leg in front. Without rest, repeat this movement alternating which leg is in front. To prevent injury, make sure your back leg is bent directly underneath your body and your front leg is bent at 90 degrees at the knee and hip.

3. Deep Squat Jumps

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Start by doing a regular squat, then engage your core and jump up explosively. When you land, lower your body back into the squat position to complete one rep. Land as quietly as possible, which requires control.

4. Side Plank Bends- Left and Right

Begin in plank pose and begin to place all of your weight on your left arm and left leg; shift onto the outside of your left foot and just lift your body up and down. Do this on both sides, and that is it!

5. Plank

Plant the hands directly under the shoulders (slightly wider than shoulder-width apart) like you’re about to do a push-up. Then, ground the toes into the floor and squeeze the glutes to stabilize the body. Your legs should be working in the move too; careful not to lock or hyperextend your knees. Neutralize the neck and spine by looking at a spot on the floor about a foot beyond the hands. Your head should be in line with your back. Hold the position for 20 seconds. As you get more comfortable with the move, hold your plank for as long as possible without compromising form or breath.

That is all! Good Luck!

source: http://besthealthyhabits.com

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