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This is the Biggest Cancer Causing Food, After Reading This You Will Never Eat It Anymore


The health of tongue is studied by the Chinese medicine and it can give us much important information about the overall health of your entire body. Three primary factors are describing the health of tongue:


One healthy tongue is represented by a white coating on the surface of it.  The tongue’s texture represents the function of the digestive system. If the surface is white, the digestive system is healthy and it processes the food effectively.

If your tongue has thick coat it indicates imbalance and it affects the physiology of the body. This means that some part of your system isn’t working right. If the yellow coating is present, you may have increased body temperature caused by infection or inflammation.

The peeled tongue, at last, indicates that your body is exhausted and has no energy. It also can be considered an allergy or autoimmune disease.


The tongue color of one healthy person should be pale pink. The pale tongue represents problems with digestive organs, feeling of cold and fatigue. The dry tongue can indicate signs of anemia and cause problems with cracked lips, memory loss, insomnia, etc.

Bright red tongue – this color represents the infection in the body. Redness starts showing at the tip of the tongue and spreads later across the entire tongue.

Red colored tongue – Too much consumption of alcohol, spices, acids are represented by this color. People with irritable bowel syndrome usually suffer from this.

Bluetongue – this represents the inadequate supply of oxygen in the body. If this kind of symptoms is happening to often, you should consider visiting a doctor.

This kind of problems appears usually when there are present heart failure and disruption of the blood.

Black tongue – This is a sign of illness. When the body accumulates plenty of bacteria. Your tongue will first be yellow, brown and black in the end.

Yellow tongue – This happens rarely but it can happen as an indication of jaundice.

Purple tongue – Sign of prolonged inflammation which is caused by insufficient vitamin B12 and in women, experiencing heavy menstrual cycles.

Remember: Clean and maintain the hygiene of your tongue every morning before breakfast. Stick your tongue out and scrape the entire surface.


source: http://www.zone-health.ga/

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