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What’s The Big HYPE Around People With Blood Type “0”?


It’s said that they are really special.

All of you who are here now probably have or know someone who has this blood type.

Well, it’s time to see what’s the big deal with these people.

It says here that this is the blood type of our ancestors who were really aggressive predators.

Wait. I didn’t say you are aggressive. It’s just our ancestors.

You are different.

If you have this blood type, you probably play a huge role in your society. Feels better?

Leadership, proactivity, energy, and ability to stay extremely focused are your strong sides.

They can be really powerful, influential and productive. If someone wants from you to get the job done, you are prepared to go through everything to do it.

However, you get too stressed sometimes. When you are under the influence of stress, you become angry, impulsive and hyperactive.

That’s enough for your personality. Let’s take a look at your health.

You are really sensitive to food. Poor diet, lack of exercise and unhealthy habits are damaging your metabolic effects.

This includes insulin resistance and low activity of your thyroid gland.

On the other hand, your inheritance offers you a great possibility to be strong, productive and enjoy a long life.

Okay, but what makes me unique?

I’m glad you asked.

It’s your blood type. The answer was always there. You are predisposed to certain diseases like ulcers and thyroid dysfunction.

They have low levels of thyroid hormone and inadequate iodine. This causes obesity, fatigue, and fluid retention.

Yeah. Unique doesn’t always mean a good thing.

Read along, though.

If you were in Japan, your blood type is considered as very good. People are even asked what blood type they are in their job interview.

They are considered as:

  •      Responsible
  •      Committed
  •      Organized
  •      Focused
  •      Conscientious
  •      Practical

Any of this sounds familiar?

They are even better logicians.

People with this blood type are vulnerable to destructive behavior when they are tired, bored and depressed.

This could force them to do strange things. Seek for something that will satisfy their hunger.

Do what you need to do and avoid caffeine and alcohol as much as possible. Your adrenaline level is already high you don’t need to boost it up.

Exercising is crucial. It relaxes your whole body. More than any other blood type, “0” needs to be more physically active.

That’s for your overall health and emotional stability.

Try aerobic exercises.

This was a very interesting thing. I’m not blood type 0, but I know someone who is. I will show this to her and see what she has to tell me about this.

You should do it too.

Source: Healthy Food Team

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