What’s the Perfect Blood Pressure for Your Age?


    As we grow older, the blood pressure rises as our biggest enemy. You need to set proper diet goals for yourself and keep it in within acceptable levels.

    You have to try harder to regulate it because it could attract many health issues you won’t want to deal with.

    When we visit the doctor, he always measures the blood pressure to see whether it will tell him something or not.

    Blood pressure attacks the kidneys, arteries, and the whole body. If you don’t pay the proper attention, it could cause a bigger damage. That’s why many doctors take it seriously and establish more aggressive treatments to lower it.

    The thing we all don’t understand is when our blood pressure is normal. Some people can live with lower BP and some with higher BP.

    My grandmother was able to survive with really high blood pressure. By survive I mean sit on our table and telling jokes like it’s nothing.

    On the other hand, my father is pretty calm, and he has a lower BP. It’s been like that for his whole life.

    You can’t talk about blood pressure and avoid to ask one particular question:

    “What’s the standard blood pressure for my age”?

    A study conducted by more than 2000 researchers reveals the age and what BP level is acceptable for it.

    The study was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. It contains numerous interesting facts, but the most entertaining and informative is the picture below.

    What’s the Perfect Blood Pressure for Your Age?

    We need to do our best and raise awareness about blood pressure. It’s more dangerous than we all think.

    One in every three American adults suffers from High BP. Doctors strongly advise for you to perform regular check-ups and monitor the condition at your home.

    If you notice drastic imbalances in your blood pressure and something is not as it was with your organism, you need to check it up with your doctor.

    You could be vulnerable to bigger health issues. However, if you catch it in your roots, you will be able to treat it with slight changes in your lifestyle.

    Read your body signs and act right away!

    Don’t forget to share this with all of your friends. Let them know how to proceed if they have irregular blood pressure.



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