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Women 40+ Should Perform These 5 Exercises Every Day!


It is only natural that our bodies, especially the female figure to start to change with time. So, with women that are over 40, there are changes in the metabolism-it slows down. Moreover, there are hormonal changes and the body also becomes less flexible and mobile. Therefore, this affects the physical and mental state of the women. What would be best, in this case, is regular exercise. Thus, we are here today to show you the 5 most effective exercises for women over 40 which will help you with the aging process and shaping of the body.

Exercises for Women Over 40

We will present you some exercises next which will be very useful. It is really important to start in a nice way, but not to exaggerate. You need to be extra careful if you have not been into sports before. You need to start small, and then build up.

1. Burpee

For this one, you need to do squats first and rest the palms in front, then, make an iron, push back and return to the session and jump. You need to repeat depending on your physical form. Start with 10-15 and increase with time. This exercise is the best one for burning calories and staying in shape. Apart from giving you muscle strength, it will also help you increase resistance, lung volume and it will strengthen the heart.

2. Squats

If you do this one right, then it will help you strengthen the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and back. Moreover, they also have a great effect on balance and coordination. First, you need to stand up straight, with the feet shoulder-width apart. Then, level the back and bring the hips back and start to squat. Make sure your knees do not go beyond the toes. So, do deep squats and lower the pelvis as much as you can. Stary with 20 and increase gradually.

3. Iron

This exercise is the best one for the buttocks, back, stomach and the entire body. You can strengthen the abdominal muscles, improve posture, accelerate metabolism and get rid of a bad mood.

You need to start in the right way, so, you need to be supported on the hands or elbows. So, make the bar in the elbows so that you do not hurt your hands. Also, place the elbows directly below the shoulders.

The spine needs to be straight from the pelvis and up to the top. Deflection in the lower back is a no. Do not force the hands. You need to tighten the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks mainly. Make sure you keep this position as much as you can and repeat a couple of times.

4. Attacks Forward

This one is the most popular exercise. It is mainly because it allows you to work the muscles of the legs and buttocks. So, stand up straight, back and shoulder blades straight and hands along the body. Your feet need to be below the hips. This is the starting position. When you are here, you can start the attacks. Just take a step forward and keep your body straight. Then, scroll down and transfer the weight of the body to the front.

Make sure you do not tilt the body forward. Make the ascent by forcing the back of the thigs and return to initial position. You can do 10-15 attacks on each leg.

5. Leg Fold

This last exercise is perfect to work the glute muscles and keep the body toned. You need to start with the emphasis on the arms, a slight deviation in the lower part of the back. Then, remove the knees bent back and up. Do 10-15 repetitions in each leg.

That is all! Of course, you can always try sports. But, these exercises are really good. Moreover, you can go to the gym more often, even if you are over 40. Just do these exercises regularly and they will, in turn, reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and arthritis!

Sources: awarenessremedies.com

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