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10 Scary Ingredients You Can Find in McDonald’s Food


I knew there is something in the McDonald’s food that makes it so addictive. Kids and grown-ups are going crazy over these burgers. I think I have a photo of a McDonald’s Restaurant and Healthy & Nutritious Food Restaurant side by side.

McDonald’s was full while the other restaurant had only two or three tables with people eating.

Fast food chains quickly grew as an irreplaceable part of people’s diet. What’s bothering me is their attitude. They don’t want to accept that fast foods like these are making them fat.

I don’t understand how it’s possible a person to know that burgers from fast food chains are causing damages to your health and still eat them.

But McDonald’s is all about the whole system and speed for preparing the food. While others were trying to make a living, McDonald’s was growing as one of the most famous food chain restaurants in the world.


Just go and see the McDonald’s Movie called: The Founder and everything will become clearer.

Now, it’s widely known that McDonald’s is using some other ingredients to make their food. I mean, they bake the burgers for about 2 minutes. What do you expect that meat to have?

So, old McDonald had a farm, and suddenly he started using some harmful ingredients.

The source provides a list of all ten scary ingredients you can find in McDonald’s food.

  • Ammonium Sulfate

The mixed salt. Companies are using it as fertilizer and come as a flame retardant. If you consume this chemical, you could feel some disruptions in the body hormones.

  • Silicone Oil

The oil that helps the producing method of contact lenses. It’s utilized in lubricants, silly putty, and caulking. The breast implants producers stopped using it because there are health concerns circling.

However, the McDonald’s Food is still full of it.

  • TBHQ

It’s labeled as totally safe and fast food chain restaurants are using it everywhere.

10 Scary Ingredients You Can Find in McDonald’s Food

  • Propylene Glycol

I think you don’t have the need to anti-freeze your food, right? I prefer putting it in my car for the windshield.

  • Carminic Acid

The acid that prevents predators and acts as a human repellent is also linked with asthma, diarrhea, and hosts nasty bugs.

  • Cellulose

The processed wood pulp is everywhere. It could hop onto your salad dressings, chocolate syrup, muffins, and cheese. It’s the main ingredient in all “low-carb” foods.

  • Industrial Sand

Also known as silica. It’s used to create glass, optical fibers, and cement. However, fast food restaurants use it on their meat to keep it from clumping up.

  • Cysteine-L

This is an amino acid from duck feathers and human hair. Meat producers use it to soften the pastries and bread. According to WebMD, this amino acid could contribute to several symptoms like low blood pressure, diarrhea, vomiting, liver issues, headaches, rash, constipation, and drowsiness.

  • Prescription Meds

The alarm comes from the chicken feed. Reports and studies are coming out saying that farms are using prescription meds including banned antidepressants and drugs.

  • Dimethylpolysiloxane

Commonly used in silly putty and breast implants. Mcdonald’s food contains this carcinogen ingredient enough to scare you.

Wow. What are we all eating?

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Source: Organic and Healthy


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