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4 Simple but Very Effective Exercises to Get Rid of Jiggly Arms


Special diet regimen and a lot of exercises will help you lose weight naturally. But, for most people are fat is a real nightmare, because it is hard to melt, and sometimes reducing it seems impossible.

1. Push-ups

If you are not used to lifting weights, it will be hard for you to do the push-ups, but only at the beginning. Do only a few push-ups and make more breaks, or do so-called push-ups for women, as they are a lot easier, because the whole weight goes to the knees, not the toes.

Once you get used to doing push-ups regularly you will have no problem. Do open push-ups, and set your arms at a wider distance than your shoulders, or closed push-ups, with your arms set one close to the other.

2. Weights

Start with lighter weights. Look for the most effective exercises on the Internet to reach your goal more easily. For instance, take the weights in your hands and stand straight, while keeping your arms next to the body.

Lift your arms sideways and to the front in the same line as your shoulders, then to the back and so on. Remember, you should not bend your elbows.

3. Spinning

This is one of the exercises that seem easy to do, but once you try it, you will find it quite hard, but really efficient. Stand straight and spread your arms as if you want to give someone a big hug.

Keep your arms straight, and the hands towards the attic. Turn your arms to the opposite side as much as you can, along with the horizontal line, so the hands are opened towards the attic again. Bring the arms to the original position and repeat the exercise.

Do not rest until you finish the whole exercise. Start at a lighter rate, otherwise, you will feel severe pain the next day. Let your body adjust to the routine.

4. Scissors

This exercise is called “scissors,” because it reminds of activities performed with scissors. Stand straight and keep your arms straight in front of you, in the same line as your shoulders. Imagine that you are holding giant scissors and that you are supposed to open and close them.

Spread your arms wider, then bring them back to the middle, so they come one over another. Spread them again. Change the position of your arms — keep your left arm above the right one, and vice versa. Repeat the exercise at least 20 times.

Do these exercises for at least 15 minutes a day, and you will soon see the difference.


source: http://www.healthandhealthyliving.com

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