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7 Exercises That Will Turn You Into A Top Model


Regardless of age, every woman is dreaming about an awesome body. There are great exercises that provide an excellent result. Good exercises should both strengthen your body and burn fat. Anyway, only by working out one will never get rid of the excess kilograms. For better result, one should combine workout with a balanced diet, plenty of water drinking and enough rest. We recommend the following 7 exercises that are very effective in burning fat. Check them out and you will turn into a top model.

1. Jumping rope
I bet that most people jumped rope last in their childhood. Although many believe this activity to be childish, actually it is a very good exercise to burn fat and strengthen your heart. Also, it doesn’t need some special equipment or a gym. Have fun jumping rope and sculpting your body.
It is a very good cardio exercise. Get your jumping rope, go to the nearest park and have fun with your kids. They get entertained, you get fit. If you don’t have a rope, you can simulate the moves, but for a more credible experience and results, use a real jumping rope.

2. Squats
Squats are a miracle exercise, it engages your whole body, therefore, toning it and making it more beautiful. This is a basic exercise that works more than one muscle group, including your glutes, quadriceps, abs, lower back; everything a woman needs. It strengthens your body, pushes up your butt and burns calories. For better results try jump squats or stay in a squat position holding dumbbells with your hands, thus, increasing the resistance and calories expenditure.
Get squats on your regular to-do list, and you will notice great differences. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, squats will prevent your body from becoming obese and exhausted. Do some squats as soon as you have some spare moment. The result will be noticed very soon.

3. Pushups
Pushups are the squats for your hands. This exercise offers sculpted arms, and by varying your arm position, you can engage your biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest muscles. Keep your back straight when performing the pushups. Also, this exercise strengthens the core muscles.

Your entire body is working hard gaining the shapes you want.
Execute pushups a few days per week and watch your body turn into a super-body. You can do the pushups standing on your legs or on your knees if you find standing on legs difficult. If this is so, aim for performing the pushups correctly and you will see results soon.

4. Lunges
Lunges are a very effective exercise in sculpting your body, mainly your legs and bum. There are a lot of diversities of the original lunges. Try the jump lunges. This way you will add some cardio to your workout program. Perform 3 sets of 10 lunges per day for maximum result.
This exercise is building muscles, sculpting and strengthening the body and burning fat. Find some free moments to do some lunges and you will be pleased with the beautiful scenery you’ll be seeing in the mirror after a few weeks.

5. Swimming
If you are fond of swimming or you are looking for a fun way to sculpt your body, swimming is the answer. This activity engages your whole body, burning calories, strengthening the core, legs, arms, back, improving the heart health and your aerobic capacities.
Swimming is excellent for those who want to spend fun and healthy time alone or with their family. Go swimming with your children and teach them that living healthy is trendy.

6. Running
Running is believed to be one of the most effective exercises in burning calories. It tones your muscles, relieves stress, improves your heart health, prevents depression and sculpts your body. Try running early in the morning before you start your day. You will feel more energetic and after you will start noticing the results, you could not stop.
If you have some health problems and you cannot run, try jogging. Jogging also burns plenty of calories and sculpts your body. Run or jog as much as you feel comfortable. Try interval training. This means that you run as fast as you can for a minute then jog for a minute or two, and so on. Find the training plan that will fit you.

7. Cycling
Most cyclists have strong, toned legs. I bet that you dream about such legs as well. Then, all you need is a bicycle and some desire. Cycling is an amazing exercise for losing weight, sculpting your body, toning your legs, strengthening your core, improving the heart health. Also, you choose the intensity you want to work out.
Besides the fact that cycling is a fun way to exercise, you can do this every day by having a bicycle as a means of transportation. It is healthier, money-saving, time-saving and you can workout while going to work or school. Either you cycle with a friend or solo, the results will be there in no time.





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