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Enhance Your Memory With These Top 5 Brain Foods


People spend a lot of time thinking about the foods they can eat which will build their muscles or shrink their waistlines. However, there are other aspects of your overall well being that can be affected greatly by what you eat. Your mindset is extremely important before going to work out. Your head must be clear. There are many foods you can eat which help improve mental function and overall brain health. Incorporating these 5 brain foods into your diet on a regular basis will give your brain power a boost!


At first, I was reluctant to really accept kale, as I felt like it was just a new fitness trend. This is truly a standout a vegetable that can really awaken the mind from my experience. It is packed with Vitamin A, C and K. One cup of kale have over 1000% more vitamin C than a cup of spinach. Where has kale been all this time? Kale is high in iron and is filled with antioxidants and calcium. With a variety of ways to consume this awesome brain food, Kale is easily my favorite vegetable.


Beans used to be public enemy #1 when I was a kid. But nowadays I eat them about once a week. Beans are proven to stabilize glucose levels, which the brain depends on as fuel. Beans also contain an array of antioxidants that support quick metabolism and even cancer prevention. Different beans have different benefits and all are effective in different ways. They’re an awesome side to many dishes and it shouldn’t be difficult to add more to your diet.


Blueberries are one of nature’s true superfoods. One of their most powerful components is the high blast of antioxidants they provide your body. Antioxidants are very important for preventing cancers and other diseases that are linked to inflammation in the body. Blueberries have also been linked to improved memory function and to delaying and preventing memory loss.


Celery is an often overlooked food with a number of helpful nutritional properties. It is particularly beneficial when looking at brain health. Luteolin is the compound in celery that makes it great for your brain. This compound specifically reduces inflammation in the brain, which in excess can cause a wide range of brain health problems, including dementia and multiple sclerosis. Luteolin has also shown promise in animal trials for improving and extending memory capacity.

Pumpkin Seeds

This tasty snack can actually help improve your thinking abilities. Pumpkin seeds are very high in zinc, which is often suggested as a supplement for its ability to help improve mental acuity. However, why spend money on expensive supplements when you can get all you need from a handful of seeds instead?

This is just a small example of the kinds of foods you can eat that boost brain power. By incorporating more of these into your diet, you can give your brain the fuel it needs to stay sharp for many years. By starting to focus on feeding your brain early in life, you can help improve brain health so that it will stay healthy and strong later in life.

Source: livelovefruit.com

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