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What Happens to Your Organs When You Drink Diet Coke?


It’s the American way to eat a double burger with French fries and a diet coke. That’s the diet that doesn’t make them fat and obese.

Even though it seems like I’m joking, I’m not.

Some clients are calling me for advice how to stay out of sugar.

They made their first step by replacing regular cola with a diet coke. On my question, what they eat alongside that, the foods are full of carbs (sugar) and fat.

It’s how their former nutritionist or doctor told them to do. Somehow, I didn’t get into that cycle of “give your client something he wants to hear.” I focused more on helping people and making them see the difference.

So, diet soda is not what you think it is. I’ll give credit to the companies for lowering the sugar to a minimum. That’s the selling point. People are going crazy over it.

I used to drink lots of regular colas. It was tough for me to quit it alongside with the sugar. From time to time I have the same desire to drink a glass of cold cola.

So, it’s better to drink the “zero” one instead of the regular cola.

But, for the price of lowering the sugar, the companies increased the level of the other ingredients that damage your organism. So, the damage is the same, but it doesn’t come from sugar.

If you were wondering what happens the second after you drank the can of diet soda, the following infographic could help you.

The thing that annoys me the most is how people continue to drink it even when they know it’s bad for their health?

That’s impossible. It’s like telling your kid not to throw the pillows on the floor. He will understand you, but the second you turn your head on the other side, the pillows will be on the ground again.

The influence of the brands and companies is so big that it’s tough for the nutritionists to find the perfect weak spot. But we are getting there!

Don’t forget to share this with all of your friends. You need to get their eyes opened.

Source: Healthy Food House

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